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How It Works for Home Helpers

We make it easy to connect with homeowners who offer rent-free housing in exchange for household services.  As a member, you’ll be introduced to homeowners offering mutually beneficial housing arrangements that are compatible with your needs and skills. We do this by sending your multimedia profile to homeowners who are compatible with the type of living situation that you're seeking. Your multimedia profile is a great way to showcase your biographical background, along with the specific skills that you have to offer to homeowners.  It's also a great way to capture the attention of homeowners, by giving them a glimpse of your unique personality.
How to Get Started
The first thing to do to get started is to call 702-387-2300 (Ext.1) to receive your free consultation.  During your consultation, one of our friendly representatives will evaluate what your specific needs are and how we can best serve you.  We’ll want you to tell us about your housing requirements, the services you’ll offer to homeowners in exchange for rent-free housing, and the skills that you possess that will make you an excellent home helper.  We’ll then assess which one of our programs will be best suited to serve your individual needs.  The next step will be for you to become a member of Rent-Free USA.  Once you become a member, you can either create your own multimedia profile or have us produce it for you.  We'll then send your profile to homeowners who are offering rent-free housing in exchange for your household services.
Be Prepared for Your Interviews
Make sure that you’re prepared to be interviewed by the homeowners that we match you with.  You should make sure to have legal documentation that proves you’re over 18 years of age and legally eligible to work in the USA.  You should compose a written resume that’s relevant to the type of household services that you’ll be able to provide to homeowners.  Your resume should emphasize the skills, qualifications, and experience that you possess.  Having a good resume is the key to getting you noticed.  You should obtain letters of recommendation from your references, such as previous employers, professional acquaintances, and longtime friends.  If you think that you might be required to drive a homeowner’s vehicle, then you should make sure that you have a valid driver’s license and copy of your local DMV driving record.  If you intend on being a nanny or caregiver, then make sure that you have recent CPR and First Aid certifications.  Keep in mind, the interview process goes both ways. You will be interviewing homeowners while they are interviewing you.  So, make sure that you're ready to ask homeowners plenty of questions during your interviews.  You will be successful in finding rent-free housing when you are prepared for your interviews.
The Interview Process
Most homeowners who are interested in you will have you complete an application either prior to or during an interview. Make sure to be completely forthright when filling out all applications. We suggest that you have a substantial phone interview prior to meeting any homeowner in person. We highly recommend that all initial in-person interviews with homeowners be done in populated, public places. Remember, the interview process is always a two-way street. You will be interviewing homeowners while they interview you. Exercise your own due diligence when meeting homeowners. We recommend that you check backgrounds and references of all homeowners who you will be considering for any live-in housing arrangement. When a homeowner expresses an interest in you and invites you to their home for a follow-up interview and household tour, only do so when you feel comfortable and have taken all of the proper precautions.
Selecting a Rent-Free Living Arrangement
When you’re offered a mutually beneficial housing arrangement by a homeowner, you should assess if the housing accommodations will meet all your needs. You should also make sure that you are capable of handling the duties that the homeowner will require. If you will be required to provide care for a child, senior, or someone with a disability then it’s wise to ask the homeowner to introduce you to that individual, before you agree to accept a housing arrangement. It’s very important for a caregiver to have a good rapport with the person who they will be caring for. If you will be required to pet sit, then it would be a good idea to meet the furry friends beforehand. If you will be required to provide household services unrelated to caregiving, then make sure that you fully understand what duties will be required of you in advance. Make sure that the homeowner shows you where you will be living and fully explains all the house rules to you. Selecting the right rent-free housing arrangement should ultimately come down to the situation that’s best suited to meet all your needs and the needs of the homeowner who offers you a position.
Put Everything in Writing
We highly recommend that before you enter into any living arrangement that everything should be put in writing. When you accept a homeowners offer to move into their home, both parties need to have a meeting of the minds and agree to certain terms. It’s prudent to express the specific terms of the mutually desired arrangement in a written agreement. This will protect the rights of all parties involved and will insure that the terms are not disputed sometime in the future. Over time, memories of a verbal agreement can sometimes fade. Normally, most homeowners will have a written contract prepared for you in advance. However, in some cases you may have to write out the agreement yourself.  If you are not up on legal terminology then you should consult an attorney or use a reputable online legal service to help you draft a legal agreement.
We Can Help You Become Rent-Free
Our goal is to help you find mutually beneficial housing arrangements where you can truly enjoy the rent-free lifestyle. Whether you are seeking a short-term living situation or a more permanent housing arrangement, we can help you find rent-free housing all over the United States. Our customer care team will always be happy to assist you throughout the entire process by helping you find and secure the rent-free housing that is just right for you. We welcome your feedback and will use it to continue to improve our excellent customer service. We now invite you to take the next step in finding a rent-free home by calling us today to receive your free consultation.
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